American White Ash

American White Ash – Fraxinus americana

American White Ash AKA American Ash, White Ash

American White Ash Timber

American White Ash Wood Appearance

Colour – The heartwood ranges in colour from a creamy white to a light brown with a wide light band of sapwood.

Grain – Straight and slightly open coarse grain

American Ash Wood Properties

Density – 600 kg/m3

Durability – Class 2 – Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Only moderately decay resistant in the ground.

Hardness – Not Available

White Ash Identification Features

Sapwood – Is a distinctly lighter colour to the heartwood

Heartwood – Ranges in colour from a creamy white to a light brown

Texture – Due to the difference in the spring and late wood, the grain gives the timber a pronounced flame pattern when crown cut.

American White Ash Wood Structure

Growth Rings – Not Available

Vessels – Not Available

Parenchyma – Not Available

Rays – Not Available

American Ash Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – Not Available