Burmese Teak

Burmese Teak Timber Species– Tectona grandis

Burmese Teak AKA Teak Burmese

Wood Appearance

Colour – The heartwood is generally golden brown but varies from grey-brown to red-brown. Longitudinal streaks are often present due to the ring-porous structure of teak. Sapwood is well demarcated, being pale yellow in colour.

Grain – The grain is straight or occasionally interlocked. Texture is uneven varying from smooth to coarse due to its ring-porosity.

Wood Properties

Density – 670 kg/m3

Durability – Class 2 – Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather,   clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Moderately decay resistant in the ground.

Hardness – Firm (rated 4 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand tools

Identification Features

Sapwood – Pale yellow, readily distinguished from heartwood
Heartwood – Brown to golden brown. Sometimes streaky

Texture – Non-uniform, moderately coarse, straight grain and greasy feel.

Wood Structure

Vessels – Ring porous, size ranging from small to large. Tyloses. Coloured deposits frequent. Vessel lines prominent, particularly on dressed longitudinal surfaces.

Parenchyma – Terminal bands prominent

Rays – Medium to fine

Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – A match size splinter burns to grey ash