Box, Grey

Grey Box Timber Species – Eucalyptus moluccan

Grey Box AKA Box Grey

Wood Appearance

Colour – Heartwood is usually pale brown but sometimes yellowish in colour. Sapwood usually distinct and lighter in colour.

Grain – Fine, uniform, even textured, usually interlocked

Wood Properties

Density – 1105 kg/m3

Durability – Class 1 – Highly resistant to decay when in ground contact or in persistently damp or badly ventilated situations

Hardness – Very Hard (rated 1 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand tools.

Identification Features

Sapwood – Pale grey-brown

Heartwood – Light brown to yellow brown

Texture – Uniform and fine. Grain generally interlocked

Wood Structure

Vessels – Small, numerous, mostly solitary. Heavily tylosed.

Parenchyma – Not visible with hand lens

Rays – Very Fine

Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – A Match size splinter burns to buff ash