EziTrim Range




EziTrim specialise in the following range of products:

  • Skirting & Architraves    Skirting-architraves-primed-timber-supplier


  • Door Jambs                      timber-door-jambs-timber-supplier


  • DAR Boards                    dar-timber-supplier


  • Lining Boards                  lining-board-pine-supplier


EziTrim is a ready to topcoat, pre-primed timber mouldings for a premium finish.

The advantages of using EziTrim include:

  • Easily Worked - Cuit and Drill
  • Easily Painted - Priming system ready to top-coat
  • Natural Resistance to termite and decay
  • Light weight yet strong and stable
  • Wide range of profiles and dimensions

The Primer System

The unique feature of EziTrim mouldings is the priming process that creates distinctive good looks and a functional finish. This priming system involves two seperate applications of different primer formulations which are sanded between coats. In combination, these primers create a finish that is both flexible and tough as well as being 'top-coat ready'.

The Timber

EziTrim is created from plantation-grown timber that contains resins with natural resistance to termites and wood-boring insects. During the production process, the timber is kiln dried to consistent moisture content before machining and finishing. This ensures that EziTrim is not prone to distortion or raised grain. Finger jointing and lamination of the timber components further enhances the stability and strength of EziTrim mouldings.


EziTrim mouldings are ready to top-coat. After installation, it is strongly recommended to seal any nail holes and exposed sawn surfaces with an appropriate sealer (used in accordance with manufacturers instruction) any nail holes must be filled with appropriate wood filler then sanded. All dust and dirt should then be wiped away before coating all bare timber with wood primer. Once the surface is finished, simply apply your preferred top-coat in accordance with paint manufacturers' recommendations. EziTrim mouldings can be painted with either acrylic or enamel paints.

The Glue

The glue used in finger jointing and laminating is designed to give EziTrim strength and flexibility. The glue is moisture resistant and will withstand short-term exposure to the elements under typical building conditions.


All timber off-cuts should be disposed of in council approved landfill or incineration sites. It is not recommended to burn primed or painted timber in heaters or BBQs, nor should it be used for mulching or animal bedding.