Blue Gum, Sydney

Sydney Blue Gum – Eucalyptus saligna

Sydney Blue Gum AKA Blue Gum Sydney, Blue Gum, Syd Blue Gum

Wood Appearance

Colour – The heartwood colour ranges from dark pink to reddish brown. The sapwood is typically distinctly paler in colour

Grain – Usually straight grained with a small percentage showing some interlocking grain

Wood Properties

Density – 850 kg/m3

Durability – Class 3 – Moderately resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Not recommended for in-ground use, or in external decking applications.

Hardness – Not Available

Identification Features

Sapwood – Typically distinctly paler in colour

Heartwood – Ranges from dark pink to reddish brown

Texture – Moderately coarse

Wood Structure

Vessels – Not Available

Parenchyma – Not Available

Rays – Not Available

Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – Not Available

Gum Veins - Gum vein and gum pockets are common