Ash, Crows

Crow’s Ash – Flindersia australis

Crow's Ash AKA Crows Ash, Ash Crows, Ash Crow's

Wood Appearance

Colour – The heartwood ranges from yellowish-brown to yellow. The sapwood is usually paler than the heartwood.

Grain – A firm, compact, close grained, slightly greasy wood, generally without pronounced figure. However, there may be an occasional water wave effect. The vessel lines are often filled with a brownish deposit.

Wood Properties

Density – 945 kg/m3

Durability – Class 1 – Highly resistant to decay when in ground contact or in persistently damp or poorly ventilated situations.

Hardness – Hard (rated 2 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand tools

Identification Features

Sapwood – Creamy-yellow, distinct from heartwood

Heartwood – Yellow to yellow-brown with occasional strips

Texture – Medium to fine; uniform

Wood Structure

Growth Rings – Absent

Vessels – Small to medium in size, generally in uniform distribution as short radial rows of 2 to 5. Abundant (mostly yellow) deposits in vessels. Vessel lines distinct on longitudinal dressed surfaces.

Parenchyma – Distinct as numerous irregularly spaced apotracheal bands

Rays – Fine to medium; visible with a lens

Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – Leaves a full white ash