Pacific Jarrah Timber Decking Sydney Australia

Sapwood is 30 to 50mm wide, whitish or pale brown and distinct, but not sharply demarcated from the heartwood which is light red when freshly cut, turning to dark reddish-brown when dry. Lustre medium. Texture fine and uniform. Grain usually straight, occasionally interlocked. Characteristic odour when green but no odour or taste noticeable when dry. Boles 15 to 18m long, straight, cylindrical and unbuttressed.

Timber is exceptionally hard, heavy, strong and tough.  Must be dried slowly and with care to minimize degrade. Moderately hard to machine because of its high density but cuts cleanly without appreciable dulling of cutting edges. Turning must be done slowly to avoid tearing. Moderately difficult to work but can be finished smoothly. Takes a high polish. Pre-boring necessary for nails and screws. Requires care in gluing. Sapwood of green logs susceptible to pinhole borer attack. Very resistant to fungal and termite attack but liable to attack by marine borers. Extremely resistant to moisture absorption. High resistance to wear.